Upfest kicks off with a big pink tease on North Street

Europe’s biggest street art festival kicks off next week, but the walls of South Bristol are already changing thanks to Upfest’s headline artist.

Mr Samo bypassed the showers and got stuck into transforming one of the larger and more prominent walls in Bedminster, Southville and Ashton, turning the side of Bristol Brewery on North Street into a colorful and striking collision of pink and yellow. .

The festival will take a different format this year – spreading the action on the streets of BS3 from a frenzied weekend to 17 days and three weekends, from next Friday 17 May until the end of Sunday 2 June.

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The main artist is Mr. Samo, who will join other artists to lead workshops, discussions and interactive painting sessions, and his first creation of the festival is already completed. The Brighton-based artist is trans and carries that identity and activism into his art.

The work on the St Francis Road corner of the Bristol Brewery is a striking impressionist work entitled ‘You Are Loved’.

Mr Samo said he was looking forward to next week’s Upfest. “I’ll be doing talks and different workshops with upfest at the brewery, so I’m really happy to be able to do the activism and share my story and why this work is important,” he said.

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