Electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire has been honored with a building at Coventry University

The life and legacy of electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire has been honored with a building at Coventry University.

The Delia Derbyshire Building, part of the university’s College of Arts and Society faculty, opened last week, with plans originally announced in 2022. She was awarded an honorary doctorate posthumously by Coventry University in 2017.

Delia Derbyshire, an early pioneer of electronic music, who died in 2001, was best known for her work with the BBC Radio Workshop and her composition of the famous Doctor who theme song.

She was born in Coventry on 5 May 1937, returning to the city briefly in 1960 to work as a primary school teacher after her time at Cambridge and her years of employment before the BBC, which included a stint at the United Nations teaching piano to children of diplomats.

Speaking about the new building, Clive Blackburn, Derbyshire’s partner for 21 years, said: “Delia was born in Coventry and grew up here during the Blitz… The city’s skyline has changed enormously since Delia was a girl, which which is largely due. to the development of Coventry University.

“I really can’t imagine Delia’s reaction if someone had told her that one day there would be such a thriving electronic music facility here, and what’s more, that it would actually be named after her.”

“Delia Derbyshire was proud to call Coventry her home, as we are, and so we couldn’t be prouder to name this amazing hub of creativity after her,” added Professor John Latham CBE, Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University. “Delia has made sure her music is heard around the world and at Coventry University we are giving students and the city the chance to ensure they have their time in the spotlight.”

Derbyshire was the subject of a drama documentary film entitled Delia Derbyshire: Myths and Legendary Tapeswhich was broadcast on BBC Four in 2021. The film featured original Derbyshire recordings on the soundtrack, which was created by Cosey Fanni Tutti and released digitally and on vinyl as early as 2022.

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