The Bradford prep school has been rated inadequate by Ofsted

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Girls at a Bradford primary school told Ofsted inspectors they were being treated differently to boys during an inspection last September.

Tarbiyyah Islamic Preparatory School, an independent Islamic faith school in Manningham, was later rated ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted in a report published last month.

Inspectors reported that gender stereotypes are not challenged at school and girls do not have access to the same play opportunities as boys.

The school did not respond to requests for comment on the report.

“When speaking to inspectors, pupils explained that in Year 6, boys and girls do not have the same options available at school,” the Ofsted report said.

“For example, during long periods of social time, older girls cannot access the same games and play opportunities as boys.

“During these times, the female students help the female staff with the younger students, while the male students play sports.

“This does not support students’ understanding that aspirations and interests are not limited by gender.”

He added: “Girls say they are treated differently from boys.

“Year 6 female students cannot access the common space with male students at lunchtime and during afternoon breaks.

“This prevents them from accessing the same games as the boys at lunch and playtime.”

“Stereotypes are not challenged”

Inspectors also wrote that the boys “dominated” the playground and their behavior was “often rowdy”.

They also expressed concern that the school does not teach “tolerance and respect for different relationships, beliefs or cultures”.

“Stereotypes that girls are emotionally weaker than boys are not being challenged,” the report continued.

“Equality is only taught through the lens of Islamic values.”

Inspectors also said the school “does not focus enough on preparing pupils for life in modern Britain”.

It also “does not plan enough for important teaching about relationships, British values ​​and equality”, according to Ofsted.

The report said: “The school’s practice of segregating staff by gender limits the sharing of information about student learning.

“This prevents the development of a cohesive and progressive curriculum.”

In terms of safeguarding, the report says “staff have not received sufficient legal training to enable them to identify and support pupils who may need help”.

Ofsted told the school it needed to ensure staff were “implementing a well-planned and progressive program of personal, social and health education to support pupils’ wider personal development”.

The latest report was published 10 years after the school was subject to a complaint that it taught “inappropriate views”.

This led to two successive reports stating that Tarbiyyah Islamic Preparatory School “requires improvement” before the school was awarded a “good” rating by Ofsted in 2019.

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