I grew up in a drug den but wouldn’t change it

A dad has revealed how he turned his life around after growing up in a “drug den”.

Chris Jervis, from Fazakerley, overcame a traumatic childhood, breakdowns and self-harm, and is now on a mission to help other men who find themselves struggling like he once was.

As a child, the now-34-year-old witnessed the likes of prostitution and hard drug taking and had to beg to fund people’s drug habits. Chris said he was bullied in school, and this coupled with his mum dying from a drug overdose at the age of 38, caused his life to “spiral out of control”.

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Chris, the oldest of five siblings, told the ECHO: “My mum was a drug addict and an alcoholic so we were constantly in and out of care. There was no stability, it was back and forth. The stuff that was happening in the house, is stuff children shouldn’t be seeing. People were coming and going all the time in our lives. It wasn’t the best hygiene-wise either.

“We used to get taken carol singing and was out all hours of the night just trying to get money any way we could for drugs.”

Things got too much for Chris and a “deep depression” resulted in him losing his job, self-harming and at one point trying to take his own life.

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