I went to a pre-season drink in Coventry – it got so messy we all ended up in jail

Former Coventry star Stephen Warnock has revealed a pre-season drinking session ended with him and his team-mates in a prison cell.

The 42-year-old, who has also had spells at Liverpool, Aston Villa and Leeds, was loaned to the Sky Blues in the 2003/04 season. Manager Gary McAllister put the players through a rigorous training regime during the summer but allowed them to let loose with a team night at the end of the tour.

Warnock shared the story on the Undr The Cosh podcast, explaining how the night of celebration descended into chaos after players were refused entry to a nightclub. “We were on tour (in Germany) and we had a difficult pre-season so (McAllister) said we needed to bond with the team a bit,” recalled the former defender.

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“We had almost like a raft with a bar on it going down a canal and we were just going to go out and spend the day drinking and getting to know each other. Anyway, we went out on the p* ** and later we were like, ‘We can go out tonight,’ and (McAllister) said, ‘Absolutely, make sure everybody’s there.’

“So a few of us walked down to the local nightclub, it was like a five-minute walk and we talked to the bouncer or the owner or whoever it was and we were like, ‘We’re an England football team , We have about 30 guys, are we okay to come tonight in shorts and stuff?

“And he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, no problem.’ So we go back to the hotel and drink for a few more hours and when we get back to the club he’s like, “Don’t come in,” and we’re like, “Why didn’t we talk to you face to face,” and he’s like, ” No, nah!”

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