Universal Credit, PIP and other benefits recipients told ‘budget ahead’ amid DWP date changes – full list

People receiving benefits such as Universal Credit are being warned of a change in date before May 2nd Bank Holiday. There are two holidays in the month, the first one just passed on May 6.

But with the second coming on May 27, experts are advising recipients of Universal Credit, PIP and other benefits to prepare financially. Experts at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice have stressed that those whose normal payment dates fall on a bank holiday need to be prepared.

A spokesman said: “Changes to the payment date for benefits such as Universal Credit and PIP around bank holidays are essential to ensure recipients can access their funds when needed. However, payees should plan carefully as these adjustments may extend into the next pay cycle.

“Brits should be mindful of early payment dates, especially around bank holidays such as Christmas and Boxing Day when spending can be higher. It’s an opportunity to budget in advance and avoid financial strain in the extended period until the next payment.

“While the early payment system implemented by the DWP during bank holidays is beneficial, it requires recipients to manage their finances more carefully. Especially as payments such as Universal Credit are designed to cover ordinary living costs, the longer gap until the next payment can be difficult for some.

“The changes are not just a logistical necessity, but reflect a commitment to ensure that people who rely on government support do not run out of funds during bank holidays. This proactive approach is crucial to supporting the financial well-being of the most vulnerable populations during the holidays. closures.

“There are four more bank holidays in the UK this year: Monday 27 May – Spring Bank Holiday; Monday, August 26 – summer holiday; Wednesday 25 December – Christmas Day – and Thursday 26 December – Boxing Day. on these days, benefits will be issued the previous business day, allowing you to access your money sooner than expected.

“This adjustment only affects payments scheduled for a bank holiday. If your payment is set for any other day, it remains unchanged and you will receive your benefits as usual. For example, if your benefits are due on 27 May, they will instead be paid on Friday 24 May. Similarly, payments due on August 26 will be made on Friday, August 23.”

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