DWP confirms new Universal Credit payment rates start next week

The Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed that the new Universal Credit payment rates start next week. The annual increase will start appearing in payments from May 14.

But some claimants will wait until June 13 to receive the larger amount in their bank account, the DailyRecord reports. It was during an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box that the news was confirmed.

The issue came up in a segment discussing delays in increasing state pension and benefit payments, despite the DWP implementing the increase on 8 April. Sandra Hardial, program researcher, explained that Universal Credit payments are increasing by 6.7%.

But she warned that people will not get money straight away because they are being paid in arrears. “The six million people on Universal Credit face the longest wait. The DWP told Money Box that none of them will get the higher rate before May 14 and some will have to wait until June 13,” she said.

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What are the new ones? The new Universal Credit payment rates 2024/25

A full list of all the new DWP benefit rates, including housing benefit and deductions, can be found on GOV.UK here. New monthly rates are shown unless otherwise noted.

Universal credit (monthly installments)

Single claimants

  • Under 25: £311.68 (from £292.11)
  • 25 or over: £393.45 (from £368.74)

Amounts for children

  • First child (born before 6 April 2017): £333.33 (from £315.00)
  • First child (born on or after 6 April 2017) / second child and subsequent child (where an exception or transitional provision applies): £287.92 (from £269.58)

The joint plaintiffs

  • Joint applicants, both under 25: £489.23 (from £458.51)
  • Joint claimants, one or both aged 25 or over: £617.60 (from £578.82)

Additions for disabled children

  • Lower fare add-on: £156.11 (from £146.31)
  • Higher rate: £487.58 (from £456.89)

Caregiver amount

  • Monthly amount: £198.31 (from £185.86)

Amount of child care costs

  • Maximum for one child: £1014.63 (from £950.92)
  • Maximum for two or more children: £1,739.37 (from £1,630.15)
  • Non-dependent housing allowance: £91.47 (from £85.73)

Limited work capacity

  • Monthly amount: £156.11 (from £146.31)

Limited work capacity and work-related activities

  • Monthly amount: £416.19 (from £390.06)

Employment benefits

Higher work allowance (no housing allowance)

  • One or more dependent children or limited work capacity: £673.00 (from £631.00)

Lower workers’ compensation

  • One or more dependent children or limited work capacity: £404.00 (from £379.00)

For full details of Universal Credit deduction amounts according to household circumstances, visit the government’s website here.

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