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Rachel Flowers, the director of public health at the cash-strapped council who helped guide the neighborhood through the covid pandemic, is leaving her job.

Time to move on: Rachel Flowers has been Croydon’s Director of Public Health since 2016

Her boss Katherine Kerswell, the council’s chief executive, made the announcement almost as an afterthought in her little weekly emailed homily sent to Croydon staff just before the weekend.

“In staff news,” Kerswell wrote, “I want to let you know that Rachel Flowers, our Director of Public Health, will be leaving Croydon.

“Rachel has been on the board for eight years and has championed many important causes during that time. She has worked to tackle health inequality in the borough as part of her role, built strong relationships with our NHS colleagues and has been an important ally to many of our staff networks, giving her time, energy and voice to to raise awareness and help. we are becoming a more inclusive workplace and employer.

“Rachel saw us through the pandemic, perhaps the biggest public health incident in many of our memories.”

“May be”?

Kerswell continued: “I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel throughout her time at Croydon and have seen the impact she has had on us and our partners. She will be missed by so many and we wish her good health and happiness for the future.

“The role of director of public health is a statutory position and we are working to confirm the arrangements for coverage.” Which means Kerswell will have to find and pay for a replacement. It’s not a position, like so many others at the bankrupt board, that Kerswell can simply leave vacant.

Kerswell gave no indication whether Flowers has resigned or is moving to a higher position with another authority.

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