The first look inside the pub serving the city’s ‘number one’ steaks

A popular Liverpool pub has expanded to a new location.

The Blackburne Arms Allerton, located at 135 Allerton Road, opened its doors to customers at the weekend. Its sister pub, The Blackburne Arms on Catharine Street, has become one of the city’s most popular gastropubs in recent years.

Co-owner Stephen Sinclair was born in Stockbridge Village but moved to Woking in Surrey as a child. Stephen established The Blackburne Arms in Georgian quarter with his wife Lina when he returned to Merseyside.

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Stephen believes the place serves the best steak dinners in Liverpool, claiming that staff must turn away 600 to 700 people each Sunday, hoping to try them. His new venture has pledged to continue serving the “number one cake” in town, as well as live music and craft beer.

Other food available includes fish and chips, aubergine masala and a full breakfast menu. The ECHO was given a look inside the pub today.

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1 in 8

The Blackburne Arms Allerton is located at 135 Allerton Road

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

2 out of 8

Stephen Sinclair, co-owner of the newly opened Blackburne Arms Allerton

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

3 out of 8

The gastropub menu includes roasts, fish and chips and aubergine masala

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

4 out of 8

It was announced that the pub would open last month

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

5 out of 8

The pub opened for customers last week

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

6 out of 8

The pub has outdoor seating

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

7 out of 8

There is also a full brunch menu

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

8 out of 8

Pub logo

(Image: Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo)

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