Lambeth Council makes a statement about the removal of dead or dying trees from Brockwell Park

We reported yesterday that campaigners have questioned Lambeth Council’s plans to immediately remove 44 trees from Brockwell Park.

The council has now issued a statement in response, saying that any trees with birds nesting in them will be spared until the end of the nesting season:

Statement: Removal of dead or dying trees from Brockwell Park

Lambeth Council plans to remove 22 dead or dying trees from Brockwell Park to reduce the risk of them falling and injuring members of the public.

Another 22 dead or dying trees in the park whose trunks have been found to be stable will be protected and preserved as wildlife habitats.

If any of the trees are found to have nesting birds, the council will fence them off for safety reasons and delay the work until later in the year, until the end of the bird nesting season.

This work is part of regular park maintenance and is done in batches as it is more cost effective than sending a team to cut down each individual tree.

Brockwell will be busy during the summer with more residents enjoying the better weather and the park also hosts the free community festival Lambeth Country Show and other events.

The council is now acting to reduce the risk of someone being injured by a dead tree falling on them this peak season.

This winter, Lambeth Council planted 90 new trees in Brockwell Park, which has almost 1,700 trees in total. Another 90 trees will be planted in the park next winter.

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