10 brilliant photos from our archives will bring back memories of the Toys R Us floods

For years, Toys R Us was the one-stop shop for birthday or Christmas gifts, as each store came with dozens of shelves filled to the brim with toys for all interests and ages. With several locations in Nottinghamshire, many of us have childhood memories of walking into the store and often walking away with a new toy.

Unfortunately, the retail giant went bankrupt in February 2018 and the doors of all 100 stores closed for good and more than 2,000 jobs were lost. However, Toys R Us is now back in the UK and is expected to be just as popular as ever, but in a smaller capacity.

The business will open in selected WH Smith stores, with the first 17 locations expected to open across the UK in the next few months of 2024. This includes the WH Smith store in Victoria Shopping Center in Nottingham.

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We’re so excited about its return that we’ve decided to take a look through our archives and pick out some of our favorite images of Toys R Us in Nottingham and the rest of the East Midlands over the years.

Toys R Us at Riverside Retail Park in 2018(Image: Nottingham Post)

In October 2022, plans to return to UK retail were announced before signing a long-term license agreement with WHSmith. The books and stationery retailer announced its partnership with Toys R Us last June. Since then, the UK high street has welcomed back nine stores

A new online store was also launched in September 2022 and started selling over 14,000 toys from over 100 different suppliers. Toys R Us had stores at Riverside Retail Park, Victoria Center and St Peter’s Retail Park in Mansfield.

Toys R Us was founded in 1957 by American businessman Charles P Lazarus. It expanded to become a worldwide chain of over 1,500 stores, with its famous mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe – originally known as Dr G Raffe – introduced in 1969.

1 out of 10

Toys R Us in Nottingham

2 out of 10

In 2014, the Toys R Us store in Lincoln celebrated 20 years

3 out of 10

Fans are lining up to see WWE Superstars Fandango and Layla at Toys R Us in 2024

4 out of 10

Volunteers wrapping Christmas presents at Toys R Us in Riverside Retail Park

5 out of 10

Kids and their teachers shop for toys at Lincoln Toys R Us

6 out of 10

Toys R Us store in Nottingham’s Riverside Business Park

7 out of 10

Margaret Kenyon, Yvette Salmon, Joan Clarke and Maria Bowater with the Furby they bought at Toys R Us, Leicester

8 out of 10

All kinds of toys were sold, from small toy cars to electric ones

9 out of 10

Toys R Us at Riverside Retail Park in 2018

(Image: Nottingham Post)

10 out of 10

The Lego section of the Toys R Us store in Leicester

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