Warning signs and symptoms of ringworm as the TikToker appears on his face

A social media influencer has opened up about his health after being diagnosed with ringworm. Taking to TikTok, Chris Olsen told his 12.8 million followers how he got the fungal infection, which has now appeared on his face.

In a video, which has now been viewed 1.9 million times, Chris begins by saying: “I just want to be clear because I think there’s a big misconception about what a ring is. It’s not actually a worm.

“Pingea is a fungal infection of the skin, which is also technically like a yeast infection. You can get it in a number of different ways.” He added: “It’s not something to be stigmatized about – you shouldn’t run away from someone if they’ve got it, especially if they treat it with some medicated cream, that means it’s less likely to be contagious. “

Chris was quick to point out, “I got all this information from my dermatologist. You should ask your dermatologist if you have any questions or concerns.”

Explaining how he thinks he contracted ringworm, Chris says it was probably from sweating too much at the gym and not showering fast enough. Although he usually showers after every workout, he admitted to recently going into a sauna after exercise.

“On this day, I finished my workout and then I decided to enter the sauna. So I probably came into contact with some germs first and then because I’m a very sweaty person it managed to get into my body and when I went to the sauna I gave it the perfect environment to soak in .”

In the comments section, many people praised Chris for being so open about his diagnosis. One viewer wrote: “This is how you de-stigmatize things, discuss them and make them normal! Thank you”.

Another said: “Thank you for being transparent and honest.” A third added: ‘Stay positive and you’ll be ring free soon! I like your attitude here.”

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