Baby Reindeer’s ‘Real Martha’ breaks silence on Coventry ‘apparition’

Baby Reindeer’s ‘real Martha’ has spoken out after a Coventry nightclub claimed she had booked an appearance. Fiona Harvey has broken her silence to say she “never intended to go to Coventry”.

It comes after Primrose Hill Street’s Kasbah trumpeted the news that an “exclusive world appearance” was planned for it. However, the next day they said that Fiona, the alleged inspiration for Martha in Netflix’s hit series Baby Reindeer, would not be appearing.

Now Fiona has accused the media of ‘spreading lies’ on her Facebook page as she has ‘too much class and respect’ and wouldn’t ‘sell out for fame’. The Coventry nightclub faced a backlash over Fiona’s alleged appearance, which the venue said would take place this weekend (Saturday, May 17).

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Fiona Harvey took to her Facebook page and said: “I’m 58 and I don’t drink alcohol why the hell is the media spreading lies? I won’t turn up at any club in Coventry, I have too much class and respect to sell myself for fame.”

After punters criticized the plan, Kasbah took to their Facebook page and canceled the May 14 “meet and greet” and claimed Fiona had deemed the event “unsafe” due to “negative publicity”. The club also sarcastically thanked the media, saying they were “the gift that keeps on giving”.

Kasbah is known for pulling pranks on its followers, from promoting a fake appearance by former health secretary Matt Hancock last year to an appearance by ‘Tinder Swinder’ Simon Leviev in 2022, which, again, didn’t it happened. The club also falsely claimed that Donald Trump’s lawyers told them to remove an image of the president from press photos.

Fiona recently gave an exclusive interview to Piers Morgan and said the Netflix series was a “work of fiction”. The seven-part series is currently in the Top Ten to watch and number three in TV shows on Netflix.

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