Woman disgusted after realizing ‘sticks and dirt’ coming out of her Lush bath bomb

A woman says she was left disgusted after using the ‘worst Lush bath bomb ever’ in the bath. Taking to social media, beauty influencer Amy Lynn Sattler shared a video of the bath bomb as she threw “sticks and dirt”.

“This is by far the worst bath bomb I’ve ever used,” she told viewers. In the clip, Amy can be seen dunking her new Shrek Lush bath bomb in the bathtub.

As the bath bomb dissolves and dissolves, bits of moss and seaweed float to the top. “Be warned, don’t use this unless you want the real Shrek swamp experience,” she added.

The bath bomb is part of Lush’s latest Shrek collection. The limited-edition bath bomb costs £8 and smells of “chocolate mixed with a refreshing minty and spicy top – thanks to peppermint, pink pepper and vanilla”.

Lush adds: “It might be boggy, but the mix of rhassoul mud, lichen and seaweed will leave your skin feeling really, really soft and pampered.”

Amy continued, “It smelled good, it wasn’t the smell that was the problem, it was the stuff I could tell was coming out of it. I won’t lie to you, this is really gross.”

Holding up the half-dissolved bath bomb with chunks sticking out of it, she said: ‘It just got more and more terrible. It was as if sticks, nets and dirt were coming out”.

With a piece of bath bomb in hand, she continued, “What is this? I don’t want to take a bath with this floating around. I was so shocked and in disbelief that this was actually happening.”

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