‘Service not fit for use’ as Newquay residents furious over new fortnightly rubbish collection

Residents claim that just months into the new waste collection plan, their city is seeing massive tip queues, non-existent rubbish collections and dozens of discarded rubbish bags. Newquay readers have had their say in our comments section below.

This comes just after Newquay was among the last places in Cornwall to be subject to a new fortnight’s rubbish collection. A local resident shot video footage of dozens of vehicles waiting to enter the dump, showing how traffic lights from a neighboring development are adding to the chaos. Residents complain about it queues on the busy road are not only annoying but also dangerous.

Users say another reason for the huge queues at the tip is that tip workers insist on opening black bags to check they are recycled and to make sure people are following the new regulations. Others blamed waiting times on the one-in-one-out system.

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Locals are worried that the new rules and problems with bins not being collected since two weeks will lead to a huge increase in the number of people littering. Those who have resorted to fly-tipping have come under intense fire from locals who claim fly-tippers are both too lazy to wait in lines or recycle properly.

Cornwall Council says the scheme is working well and the amount of recycled waste collected in the area has increased by 15%.

Loladog is unhappy: “On a bad day, the queue goes right back to the school, wreaking havoc on vehicles just wanting to get past the top. As Newquay expands with more homes and residents, what are the council and SITA doing? Reduce opening hours. You couldn’t make it up.”

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