New UK speed limit looms as ‘widespread adoption’ of dividing rule

Speed ​​limits of 20km/h “warrant further research” with a higher launch, despite a controversial U-turn in Wales. John Kushnick, director of legal operations at the National Accident Helpline, said local authorities should assess the effectiveness of 20mph schemes.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “Exploring the benefits of 20mph speed limits warrants further research, especially given the promising results of the Welsh scheme. Lowering speed limits can help make streets safer, reduce accidents and improve the quality of life for residents.

“The success of the Welsh initiative highlights the potential for widespread adoption and its positive impact on community wellbeing. Speed ​​limits of 20 mph have also been trialled in some areas of Scotland and not only have they resulted in lower speeds, fewer collisions and casualties, as well as fewer serious injuries, but also more residents have driven cycling, leading to a substantial decrease in traffic and a positive impact on emissions.”

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He continued, saying: “Continued research can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of such measures in different contexts and inform evidence-based policy-making. Investing in comprehensive studies will help policymakers make informed decisions about speed limit regulations and prioritize everyone’s safety and well-being. road users.”

Welsh Secretary David TC Davies said: “I think it’s disappointing. Half a million people have signed a petition calling for the general 20mph limit to be reduced and it looks like the blanket will still be pretty well there.” Delyth Jewell, who speaks on climate change for Plaid Cymru, said: “I don’t want us to lose sight of how radical this policy is.

“There will be loud voices telling us that it is only outside of schools that children need to be kept safe, forgetting that children do not live in schools.” Natasha Asghar, the Tory shadow transport minister in the Senedd, said the policy was a “complete shambles”.

“The bottom line is that after all Labor’s talk about listening to the Welsh people, the default speed limit in Wales will remain at 20mph. Nothing has changed,” she said.

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