Missing person plunged 150 meters onto cliff near Greenbank Cove

Lifeboats, paramedics, the air ambulance and HM Coastguard were scrambled when a person reported missing was found to have plunged 150 meters down a cliff. A family member was able to locate the victim who had landed on a grass bank.

They made their way down the cliff and reached the injured person, who was on a ledge above the beach in the Greenbank Cove area. Several emergency service crews were alerted and a rescue operation was launched.

A cliff technician was lowered to the victim, who was removed from the cliff and taken to hospital. From start to finish, the operation to free the fallen person took over two hours.

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HM Coastguard Portreath Rescue Team said: “The team was tasked shortly before 7.30pm on May 4, alongside St Ives CRT, to a report of a missing person in the Greenbank Cove area. It was quickly discovered that the victim had fallen about 150 meters from the cliff. path down a grassy bank above the beach where a family member had climbed down the cliff on goat tracks to access the victim.

“With unknown injuries, Cornwall Air Ambulance was tasked and once they arrived on scene we prepared for a rope rescue and lowered a cliff technician with an air ambulance paramedic to the accident. St Ives lifeboats were in attendance providing safety protection from below.

“With the victim stabilized, it was decided that the Coastguard Rescue 924 would be the best method of extrication to allow a quick extrication straight to hospital. Once the victim was removed from the area, we could then retrieve the tech, the paramedic, and the casualty family member. to the top of the rock.

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