Dr Michael Mosley says light diet could ‘fix sleep problems’

TV doctor Michael Mosley has shared a diet swap he believes could solve people’s sleep problems.

The diet and health expert is well known for his wellness advice, and in a blog post earlier this year he said those struggling to sleep well could find “the answers” in their diets.

He believes there is a link between the practice of intermittent fasting and better sleep, Gloucestershire Live reported. Intermittent fasting is when you only eat food during a certain window of the day.

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Dr. Mosley said that “changing the way you eat could fix your sleep pattern.” He added that up to 71% of adults don’t get enough sleep.

He also said that good sleep comes down to three things: how much you get, the quality of uninterrupted sleep, and a consistent schedule.

In his blog post, Dr. Mosley said that if you “optimize all three, you’re onto a winner.” The benefits of good sleep include improved concentration, attention and decision-making skills; processed memories and reduced risk of dementia; supports the immune system and the heart, reducing the risk of heart disease; it restored insulin sensitivity and reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes and lowered the hunger hormone ghrelin, reducing the risk of obesity by 41 percent, he added.

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