Prague proposes ‘ridiculous’ ban to discourage British stag and hen parties

Prague has proposed a ban on fancy dress in what is being described as a “ridiculous and slightly embarrassing” attempt to discourage British stag parties from visiting the city. The proposal, which could affect British tourists planning stag and hen parties in the European Union’s holiday hotspot, comes from councilors in Prague’s central district.

Councilors believe such a ban would help reduce noise pollution for local residents. However, Matt Mavir, managing director of Last Night of Freedom, a company that organizes trips to Prague for thousands of clients each year, labeled the proposal “just silly”.

Matt, who has organized 50,000 weekends in his 25-year career, said: “Like Amsterdam’s overzealous and unworkable ‘bachelor ban’, the only thing I can see this doing the last proposal is to encourage even more people to reserve a deer. or hen in Prague,” asked how such a ban could be enforced and who would decide what constitutes scandalous attire, describing the proposal as “ridiculous and mildly embarrassing.”

He added: “The vast majority of stag and hen groups are respectful and go to Prague and other destinations to enjoy themselves. There are already laws in place to deal with offensive objects, so I don’t see the point of banning fantasy. costumes would be useful.”

“Prague has always been among our top destinations for stag do hedonism and I can’t see that ever changing. There is so much to do, see and experience,” said Matt. “It’s a beautiful and wonderfully welcoming city, but a few short-sighted officials should be careful not to demonize tourists and put a vital and profitable industry at risk,” reports Birmingham Live.

“Rooster and hens are the cornerstone of a healthy tourism industry, especially when properly organized, and bring fun, vibrancy and a massive economic benefit to Prague. It could be very damaging to remove such a valuable market and I would urge councilors discussing these plans to think again.”

However, Adam Zabransky, counsel for property, transparency and legislation, said: “We understand the frustration with bar crawls and drunken tourists, but imposing a ban on silly costumes seems excessive.”

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