We now spend £4,000 a year going out – and half of that is on drink

Average people spend £4,000 a year on going out, with around half spent on alcohol alone. On average, people go out five times a month and spend £67 each time they do.

Drinking is the biggest cost on a night out in the UK, with respondents reporting spending an average of £34 on drinks and £29 on taxis, plus incidentals such as tickets/club entry (£44).

Despite economic pressures, almost six in 10 still want to go out and have fun with their friends. However, consumers are more savvy when it comes to finding deals and getting the best value for days and nights. Today, the average person spends over £1,000 less a year on going out than in 2019 – the last ‘normal’ year before Covid and the cost of living crisis.

MoneySuperMarket asked Brits for advice on cutting social media costs. Six in 10 invite friends over for a drink before heading home, while almost three quarters (73%) choose to walk to venues rather than take a taxi, and six in 10 (65%) opt for toast at home for a kebab. on the way back.

People in Manchester go out more often than anywhere else in the country – on average seven times a month. That’s compared to Plymouth where most people go out once a month and half the people say NEVER.

A night out in Manchester costs an average of £77, meaning people in the city spend £3,591.60 a year going out – £1,123.20 more than Londoners’ £2,468.40, who go out just five times per month, they report spending.

People spend just £266.55 a year going out in Plymouth, where just 4% of locals rated the city’s nightlife as good, compared to 28% nationally.

People in Newcastle believe they have the best nightlife in the country, followed by Liverpool and Manchester, perhaps proving that the North of England really is the cultural capital of the UK.

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