Diesel drivers in England to be charged £250 to park outside their own home

Motorists are being charged up to £250 to park outside their own homes under controversial rules. The areas that charge diesel drivers the most to park compared to petrol drivers have been revealed following an investigation by the Press Association.

The PA news agency found Hackney residents are being forced to pay £250, while drivers in Islington pay £220, with Merton and Lambeth charging £150 and £140 respectively.

Camden and Brent charge £114 and £110, and Kensington and Chelsea, Haringey, Barking and Dagenham, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Hounslow and Brighton and Hove all between £50 and £82. Greenwich, Lewisham, Bath and North East Somerset charge £50, as do Croydon and the City of Edinburgh.

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Luke Bosdet, the AA’s motoring policy spokesman, said: “Influencing vehicle ownership towards greener alternatives is equally done through national taxation such as vehicle excise duty or company car tax. National car taxes ensure that all drivers are treated equally and rewarded or rewarded. penalized for choosing the vehicle.

“Diesel charges imposed by councils discriminate against residents who have to park their cars on the street outside their homes, while their neighbors with driveways and off-street parking can have whatever vehicle they want.

“The accelerated costs of parking permits are simply a money grab by the council.” Darren Rodwell of the Local Government Association, the body representing councils in England and Wales, added: “It is a matter for each council, based on local factors, as to how they would like to improve air quality and reduce pollution , which could include diesel surcharges on residential parking permits.”

Hackney Council said: “London’s toxic air is causing a public health crisis and we know that increased particulate emissions from diesel vehicles can lead to serious health conditions.

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