NatWest customer ‘cries’ over brown envelope after losing £3,000

A NatWest customer was left in tears after receiving an envelope missing £3,000. A man “cried his eyes out” after being handed an envelope by a foreigner after losing £3,000 to a bank withdrawal at a branch in the North West of England.

The man left a NatWest bank in Wirral after withdrawing £3,000 and found the money missing. He wrote on the local Crimewatch Wirral Facebook group how he lost the money, only for a young man to step in and comfort him as he cried.

He wrote: “Did he say I lost something? I said yes, a brown envelope with a lot of money in it. I was absolutely stunned (when) he took the envelope off his coat.” He continued: “Oh my God, it was all my money. I was crying my eyes out.

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“Recently I have been going through so many problems with my health and this money was to pay for a new car. I couldn’t believe how honest and sincere he was.” He even tried to reward the honest boy with £200, but the good Samaritan refused, instead asking that the money be donated to cancer charity Marie Curie, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The man added: “So that’s exactly what I did. My faith in human kindness has been gone over the year, but this pure and kind soul has now restored it. Always do the right thing. I am forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

In response to the story, one reader wrote: “This is the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long time. world it’s full of some of the most horrible human beings, but there are also some of the kindest and most caring human beings, I’m so happy for you.”

A second wrote: ‘Well done my friend, nice boy who was raised the right way! He sounds like the kind of partner everyone needs in their life.” A third typed: “Wow, such a wonderful thing to do and with so much misery these days, really uplifting, well done to that very good and honest young man, so glad you got a happy ending.”

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