The new travel rule will drive change as 72% of us admit to the same habit

Three-quarters of us pack food we can’t live without for the holidays – including beans, tea bags, cereals and cheese. But many find their food confiscated at the airport for violating travel rules.

Heinz Beanz carried out the research as some UK airports prepare to say goodbye to 100ml restrictions on liquids next month. New research has found that 72% of people usually pack must-have food or drink on holiday, with over a quarter (27%) packing Heinz Beanz.

32% say it’s because they’re too hard to get a hold of abroad, and another 21% say it reminds them of home.

And while travelers were keen to pack their favorite comforts from home in their carry-on bag, 24% had previously found their food or drink confiscated at airport security.

Teesside International Airport, London City Airport and Aberdeen Airport have already lifted the 100ml liquid rule, with a number of UK airports preparing to join them and lift the restriction next month, jet-setters will soon have more space in their carry-on “can’t live without” food or drink.

According to the research, more than a third of Brits say they are more likely to pack food or drink in their hand luggage once the restriction is lifted, meaning they won’t have to go a second without their favorite foods. 38% said they actually prefer to pack their favorite foods and drinks in their carry-on bag in case their main suitcase ends up on an adventure of its own.

Alessandra de Dreuille, Director of Meals & Infant UK at Heinz said: “Here at Heinz, we understand the fear of running out of your favorite foods, even on holiday. Our research has shown that over a quarter of tourists have packed Heinz Beanz when traveling abroad – and thanks to the change to the 100ml rule coming into force soon for some UK airports, Beanz lovers can pack a can in their luggage carry-on, which means they don’t have to worry about their previous liquid limit or being separated from their main suitcase.”

Other food and drink items Brits insist on packing on holiday include their favourites:

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