Britain will sizzle in the eight-day May heatwave, and it will soon begin in England

The UK is set for an eight-day heatwave in May – with highs of 20 degrees Celsius across the country as the UK finally faces “settled” weather. WX Charts, which uses Met Desk data for its charts and maps, says the country will enjoy temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius between May 7 and 14.

Saturday 11 May looks set to be the hottest day, with highs of 21C. Jim Dale, of the British Weather Services, said: “High pressure is approaching, giving way to settled, warm and mostly pleasant weather. Clouds will come and go, but there would be a reasonable amount of sunshine.

“So it will be the best weather seen so far this year. By Sunday, we could see the frontal system moving in from the west, so temperatures would change over the weekend to a bit more stable from west to east.”

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He added: “Most places would see between 18-22C, but one or two places could see 23C, such as south-east England, west Scotland and a bit of north-east England. I think the weather will pick up in the next few days. It won’t be as hot tomorrow, but it will eventually increase before it starts to move away.”

Looking ahead to today, the Met Office said: “Any patches of mist and fog lift this morning to leave a mostly fine and dry day with warm sunshine. The odd shower is possible in the afternoon, although fewer and less intense than Monday.

After highs of 19 degrees Celsius, the Met Office continues to forecast this evening: “Dry this evening with lots of sunny spells late. Stay dry overnight with some patches of mist, fog and low cloud developing by dawn”.

Looking ahead to Wednesday and another high of 20 degrees Celsius, the Met Office said: “Low cloud, mist and fog soon clear to leave another mostly dry day with bright sunshine. I feel warm with the light winds”.

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