The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are ‘quite particular’ about their diet

In case you haven’t heard, Duchess Kate’s favorite dish to cook is curryand she and William like to order it for takeout. However, there are two royals who might not be looking.

According to, Tom Parker Bowles claims his mother, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Charles are “pretty picky” about what they eat.

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“I love chili, spices and garlic,” Bowles said at the recent US launch of “Fortnum & Mason: The Cook Book” in New York. “And (Charles and Camilla) come from a generation that doesn’t really like chili.” Does this mean the couple tried spicy curry in 2016 just to be polite? Or maybe that’s when they found out they weren’t exactly fans? The jury is out.

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One dish that Camilla definitely likes, according to her son, is scrambled eggs. We dare say they’re not just any omelet, though. And while you might assume that Bowles prepares meals for his royal mother from time to time — given that he’s a food critic and cookbook author — that’s not actually the case. He insists he has “a lot of really good cooks.”

We don’t doubt you, Tom.

Speaking of personal chefs, if you’ve ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth II loves, wonder no more:

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