Emmerdale viewers ask ‘when the truth will come out’

Emmerdale viewers they were left to wonder “when the truth will come out” as Tom King continued his behavior control campaign against Belle Dingle.

In his Friday night installment ITV soapBelle expressed concern about her period being a few days late – prompting Tom to bully her into taking a pregnancy test.

She said she “couldn’t be pregnant” because she was on the birth control pill, but Tom wouldn’t take no for an answer and brought home a test for her to take.

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As the young couple waited for the test results, Belle expressed her concerns about not wanting a child, while Tom told Belle that she would have “a long time” to settle before the baby was born and that he will “support her 100%”.

When the news came back that the test was negative – Tom was left heartbroken, while Belle was nothing but relieved. But as Belle shared her relief at not being pregnant, Tom lost control, telling her he “didn’t blame her” and that his dream of having a family would have to be put on hold waiting.

The vet then left to see her friends, while Belle told Mandy that she was “not ready” to have a baby and that her worries about it would affect her mental health and medication. When the pair returned home, Tom expressed concern that he didn’t want to wait any longer for the pair to try in case there were fertility issues.

He then asked Belle to agree to try for a baby now, telling her that it would mean she could “finally have the stable family life she never had” and that he “loves her more than anything”. Holding back tears, Belle agreed.

Happy to finally get Belle to say yes, Tom told her to throw away her birth control pills and watched as she tossed them in the bin. But as Tom went to buy some still wine to celebrate, Belle fished them out of the bin, grabbed one and hid it in the kitchen cupboard.

Tom King on EmmerdaleTom King on Emmerdale

Tom King on Emmerdale – Credit: ITV

Viewers were left wondering “when the story will end”, while others criticized Tom for his “controlling behaviour”. On X, formerly known as Twitter, @SG902110 wrote: “I hate Tom! When will this #Emmerdale storyline end.”

@Rosskierna34 said: “When the truth comes out about Tom & Belle #emmerdale.”

@ChewBarker78 added: “Stop tweeting along with Emmerdale. I won’t be watching until the Tom/Belle storyline is over with #Emmerdale.”

@stonerstees wrote: “I hope Tom’s story ends soon so Belle can stop suffering and we can stop suffering his shocking acting #emmerdale.”

@RyanTheSoapking tweeted: “Tom is horrible to Belle. Making her feel guilty for not being pregnant #Emmerdale.”

@SarahRobron added: “I really don’t understand why Belle is even with Tom. He was never nice to her and didn’t even seem to like each other before marrying #Emmerdale.”

@1stLadyHooligan said: “Good thing Belle isn’t pregnant because when her two years of maternity leave were up Tom would have come up with more reasons and excuses to keep Belle from working or working to she gets pregnant again. Tom is a controller, a manipulator. #Emmerdale

@Itt39354118 wrote: “What a disgusting control freak #emmerdale.”

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