The jealous ex broke and ransacked a woman’s home months after they broke up

A young man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and accused her of cheating on him four months after they broke up. The woman was not at home when Tomas Duda entered her apartment and broke plates and cups and damaged the walls, sofa, table and door.

Leicester Crown Court heard on Friday that after breaking up with the young woman in March last year, Duda remained friends with her mother and had been drinking with her on a night in September last year. During the evening he used his mother’s phone to call his ex-girlfriend and, after having a drunken conversation with her, also spoke to her new partner.

He fell asleep at his mom’s house and woke up at 10am, drank a beer and went to break into his ex’s house. Afterwards, the young woman was so scared she could not stay in the flat and left the area, the court heard.

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After ransacking the apartment, Duda called the landlord to apologize for the mess, which included several holes in the interior walls. He explained that his ex-girlfriend “cheated” on him with another man and said he would pay for the damage. But he later changed his mind about paying the money and told the owner to charge the young woman.

He was charged by Leicestershire Police with burglary to cause damage and released on bail. But while on bail he drunkenly attacked a police officer in an unrelated incident. At around 10.10pm on Wednesday April 3 this year he was a passenger in a car which was stopped by police at Leicester Forest East services on the M1. Duda, 23, kept challenging one of the officers to fight and the officer told him to calm down and go back, the court was told.

As he turned, Duda, of Ellesmere Road, Braunstone, Leicester, attacked the officer, punching him hard on the left side of his face, knocking his glasses off. The officer took Duda to the ground, and as he picked him up again to arrest him, Duda spat in his face.

During a hearing at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on Friday, April 19, Duda pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker in the incident in April. At Friday’s court hearing, Vasanti Vaitha, representing Duda, said her client was remorseful and admitted his offending was fueled by alcohol abuse, for which he was referred to the charity Turning Point.

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