Birmingham Airport passengers flying before June may see changes and warned they ‘may be confused’

New hand luggage rules will be implemented at Birmingham Airport on June 1, however passengers flying before then may notice some early changes to the security process. The city’s airport security hall is undergoing a £60 million makeover, which will include the installation of new state-of-the-art scanners.

BHX will be one of the first major UK airports to change its systems in June, with others such as Manchester and Gatwick missing the government’s initial deadline. Once operational, passengers will no longer be restricted to 100ml liquid containers and will not have to unpack their e-liquids when going through security.

However, some passengers flying out of Birmingham have recently noticed that some changes have already been made ahead of the official launch, although airport officials have urged travelers to follow the current rules. Three of the new scanners were installed at the city’s airport in April and have already been put into operation, meaning some passengers flying overseas before June could be directed by staff to a security lane using the new scanners, in while others will use the old scanners. cars.

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Several tourists took to Twitter to share their confusion, reporting that they didn’t have to remove their liquids and electronics from their bags during their recent trip, with one saying: “We were told to leave liquids and electronics in bags . Make up your mind. .”

A spokesman for Birmingham Airport said this week that while the current hand luggage rules “can be confusing”, travelers should follow existing rules to avoid delays. Passengers were told to “make sure they are prepared before the security search area”, removing any liquids, creams and gels and placing large electrical items in the security trays. Until June 1, passengers should continue to adhere to the 100ml liquid limit and put them in resealable plastic bags in a safety tray.

There have been reports of long queues through security at BHX this week following a “technical issue” on Monday with some passengers missing their flights. The airport said around 15% of carry-on bags are currently rejected by security for being “non-compliant”, each adding an extra ten minutes to the screening process on average. Customers can also expect to queue downstairs during busy periods as the upstairs waiting area is out of service due to renovations.

An airport spokesman said: “We would like to remind our customers that existing security restrictions remain in place. This can be confusing for our customers.” They added: “Waiting and walking routes are constantly changing, however our colleagues are around for any help and assistance in the terminal. We apologize to our customers for the impact this transition may have from time to time.”

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