Seven beautiful cats looking for new homes in Coventry

These days, animal rescue centers are flooded with pets as people struggle to care for their dogs and cats due to the cost of living crisis. Today, we’re featuring seven cats looking for new homes in Coventry.

The collection includes a linked pair that has been thrown off-center. Staff say they are a “sweet pair” who are a little skittish but could live with children aged nine or over.

All cats featured below are cared for by Cats Protection Coventry. Check out their website for more information about the cats in their care.

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Nora and Angel

Long domestic hair

One year old

What their carers say: “Nora and Angel came into our care after being in an overcrowded home, the girls will need to be housed together as they love each other, they are a bit nervous so they will need some time to adjusting to new home and family, could live with another well-matched feline friend and children over 12, will need access to the outdoors once ready to give these sweet girls a fresh start in life their?”


Domestic short hair

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