The mayoral candidate intends to run in the next general election

Akhmed Yakoob from Walsall, who campaigned on a pro-Palestinian ticket, is believed to be planning to stand in the Ladywood constituency in Birmingham, a seat currently held by Labor MP Shabana Mahmood.

Dubbed the “TikTok lawyer” due to his social media videos, Mr Yakoob secured the third highest number of votes in the West Midlands mayoral election, polling 69,621 votes behind Tory incumbent Andy Street and Labor winner Richard Parker, who will take over. his new role as of Tuesday.

Mr Yakoob, from Aldridge, won the support of Rochdale MP George Galloway of the UK Labor Party, who was mobbed when he visited Aston in Birmingham ahead of polling day.

Some independent council candidates have capitalized on Muslim voters’ unease with the Labor Party for not calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Rishi Sunak’s government for supporting Israel.

More than 1,100 people were killed after Hamas militants breached the barrier between Gaza and Israel on October 7. About 250 people have been taken hostage, and about 130 remain unaccounted for, at least 34 of whom are presumed dead.

Mr Yakoob has been approached for comment.

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