Watch: Curious badger visits skate park, gets stuck in bowl

May 6 (UPI) — A badger visited a skate park in Cornwall, England, but ended up needing help to escape from a steep-sided bowl.

The Cornwall Badger Group said volunteer Dave Hudson was called to Newquay Skate Park on Sunday when a curious badger wandered into the facility and became trapped in a bowl — a skating surface similar to an empty swimming pool.


A video posted on Facebook by the group shows Hudson using a blanket and wooden plank to create a suitable surface for the badger to climb safely.

“I was taking this huge blanket in case I had to pick him up, so I put it on the side of the ramp and he had a bit of a walk, and initially he pulled everything up there with him,” Hudson told the BBC. .

He said it took a few tries, but the animal was eventually able to get out of the bowl and run back into the wild.

“There is a growing population of badgers, urban badgers, and there are quite a few badgers in and around Newquay,” Hudson said. “They are not vicious animals, they don’t want to interact with people, they would rather keep their distance and disappear.”

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