Martin Lewis is issuing an urgent warning to anyone who has double glazing in their home

Martin Lewis, host of ITV’s The Martin Lewis Money Show and a regular on the BBC Sounds podcast, has warned UK landlords about double glazing following the collapse of a major firm. Taking to Twitter, he announced: “Insulating firm Everest 2020 goes into administration, your rights…”

According to the money-saving expert, Everest 2020 went into administration on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, with business consultancy ReSolve overseeing the process.

Unable to find a buyer for the business, most of Everest’s staff have been made redundant, although some assets will be sold to rival firm Anglian Home Improvements, reports Birmingham Live.

One follower replied: “By the way – if you’re worried about that possibility when a company offers ‘X year warranty’ ask them if the warranty is covered. We recently had our roof redone under warranty and it includes third party insurance in case they fall behind.

Another shared his experience: “No surprise. I once called for a bid on a composite door. He googled our address and said “they are very expensive, you know. I googled your address and just wanted to check. Are you sure you can afford it?” He had practically judged us on our address… (1/)”.

“You’d hope you’d be insulated from any problems here…” one person remarked. “I assume they were part of FENSHA so old and new customers should be covered,” commented another.

“And back in a month, but with no accountability for the customers and suppliers they stiffed. Everest was a trusted name and now it’s lower than dog doodah,” expressed another.

Everest is no longer accepting new orders. According to ReSolve, more than 1,500 Everest customers have outstanding orders. However, the administrators have entered into a subcontracting agreement with Anglian to ensure that existing orders are completed.

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