Man City 115 Prices Defined: What’s New in PSR and FFP Prices?

This is the repeated query every time there is a PSR resolution and it completely overlooks the complexity of the City case.

Nottingham Forest and Everton did not actually deny a breach of the PSR guidelines, but instead proposed mitigation as to why they did so.

The circumstances themselves were relatively easy. Impartial commissions were to determine to what extent they accepted the mitigations and the same for attraction boards.

Notably, City go through 115 prices, some of which again date back to 2009. Additionally, City is said to have concealed funds made by Sheikh Mansour through third-party events and disguised them as sponsorship income, which in itself was inflated. .

These are detailed, critical things and the members deny it. The authorized argument simply cannot be heard in the same time frame because of the circumstances of Everton and Forest. Even if the hearing is 12 months later, it will likely be several months earlier than a choice is reached.

Premier League boss Richard Masters was asked a similar question by UK authority MPs when he appeared earlier than the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) committee earlier this 12 months and replied: “I can (understand ) however, they are very different prices. .

“If any member, the reigning champions or otherwise, had been present in breach of the spending rules, they would be in exactly the same place as Everton or Nottingham Forest.

“But the amount and nature of the charges set before Manchester City, which I clearly cannot discuss in any way, is being heard in a totally different atmosphere.

“There is a date set for the continuation. Unfortunately, I cannot inform you when this is progressing.”

Speaking again in April 2024 at a meeting of the European Leagues in London, Masters added: “The date is about. The case will resolve itself at some unspecified time in the near future.”

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