Greens investigate pro-Palestinian councilor who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ after winning Leeds election

The Green Party is investigating a councilor who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” after he was elected and had a history of inciting hostility against a Jewish rabbi.

Mothin Ali was one of dozens of candidates who ran on a pro-Palestinian ticket and defeated his Labor rival in last week’s local elections.

Mothin Ali is under investigationCredit: TikTok/mothinspeaks
A video of the winning candidate went viral on SundayCredit: TikTok/mothinspeaks

But the victories quickly soured, with the government’s independent anti-Semitism adviser now looking into allegations of “anti-Jewish racism” among their new advisers.

Mr Ali ran into further controversy on Sunday after some of his social media posts were discovered.

In February, the 42-year-old described a Jewish university chaplain forced into hiding by threats from protesters as a “fool” and “some kind of animal”.

On the day of the horrific Hamas massacre on October 7, Mr Ali tweeted that “European settler, white supremacist colonialism must end!”

After the comments emerged, a Green Party spokesman said: “The Green Party is investigating the matters brought to our attention in relation to Councilor Mothin Ali, so I cannot comment further.

“However, we are clear that we never support anything that glorifies violence.”

Mr Ali is not the only target of scrutiny, with the social media activity of two winning Bristol councilors also raising concerns, as well as a Peterborough councilor who has been accused by Jewish media of making anti-Israel remarks.

The government’s anti-Semitism adviser, Lord Mann, is expected to consider whether the Greens should suspend or withdraw the whip.

He will also offer advice on ways the party could improve its selection and vetting of candidates.

Lord Mann told The Sun: “The Green Party have had some electoral success in a number of councils and so it is all the more important that they take a robust approach to any allegations of anti-Jewish racism among their elected representatives.

“I am delighted that they have agreed to meet with me and I will deal with them in exactly the same way as I have dealt with other political parties.”

Ali’s video went viral on Sunday after he won his place in Leeds.

In a clip posted on TikTok, Ali was declared the winner before giving a speech.

With two men holding a Palestinian flag behind him, he said he was standing for election “for the community of Gipton and Harehills who are tired of being let down by the Labor Council.

At this point, Ali began to be interrupted by people in the crowd – with one man shouting at him to “shut up” and “fuck you”.

He continued: “This is a victory for the people of Gaza. We will not be silent.

“We will raise the voice of Gaza. We will raise the voice of Palestine. Allahu Akbar.”

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