Norwich City fan finds wrecked car after Birmingham game

image source, Tim Merchant

image caption, Dr. Merchant returned to the car to find the window broken, the hood missing and parts broken.

  • Author, Martin Heath
  • Role, BBC News, Norfolk

A hospital doctor whose car was broken into while watching his football team now has to rely on the lift to get to work.

He had parked his Toyota Yaris in a street near St Andrew’s Stadium, but returned to find a smashed window and parts ripped from under the hood.

West Midlands Police said they were investigating.

image source, Tim Merchant

image caption, Tim Merchant (left) was looking forward to the Norwich game at St Andrew’s Ground

Dr Merchant had researched suitable parking spaces before heading to Birmingham.

His favorite parking lot was no longer being used, so he parked on nearby Garrison Street.

He said there were “lots of cars that were much nicer than mine – Mercedes, BMWs, Teslas – all parked around the space I chose”.

He said there was nothing in the car to identify him as a Norwich supporter.

image caption, Many people had parked on Garrison Street on the day of the game

Dr Merchant, who lives in Norwich, said: “I walked off at 80 minutes because Norwich were playing so badly – probably the worst performance I’ve ever seen.”

When he returned to Garrison Street, he found “the driver’s side window had been smashed and the entire hood and bumper removed and all electrical and engine components stripped.”

“You get the initial shock, ‘is that my car?’, then panic, stress (and) fear sets in.”

image source, Tim Merchant

image caption, The driver’s side window of Dr Merchant’s car was smashed

He said people passing by while he was waiting for his car to be picked up said there has been an increase in this type of theft in the area in recent weeks.

Dr Merchant said he had received a lot of support “from fans in Birmingham and Norwich … just checking on me and bringing me a bottle of water”.

He believed his car might have been targeted because parts for Japanese cars were hard to come by.

She had to arrange lifts to take him to work at the hospital.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “We are reviewing the CCTV footage and are appealing for anyone with information to contact us.

“When (vehicle crime) happens, we will follow the lines of inquiry and work to identify and arrest the offenders. We are also committed to arresting those involved in the cutting shops and others involved in the illegal trade in spare parts”.

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