‘Smart’ lighting to keep Bradford market costs down – council

image caption, The lighting will keep maintenance costs down, according to Bradford Council

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A low-energy ‘smart’ lighting system will reduce maintenance costs and disruption to traders at a new market, according to Bradford Council.

Darley Street Market will be illuminated by new street lighting when it opens in September.

The building will be fully lit when the market is open, but will be dimmed when it is cleaned and ready for trading.

The scheme was originally budgeted at £23.5m, but the council has since increased its spending on the market to £27m, which it said was due to high inflation.

“Incredibly proud”

Colin Wolstenholme, markets manager at Bradford Council, said: “The trial of the lighting system in the new market is the latest in the progress of this exciting development.

“Together with our merchants, we look forward to opening the market later this year.”

Operators will have the ability to control the lighting system so it can be used for key occasions throughout the year or to highlight key dates.

The roof of the square has sections of glass that allow natural light to enter the upper floors and the atrium.

Bradford Council said a “special glass” was used to allow natural light in but reduce glare from the sun, while reflecting heat to keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Lighting in areas without natural light will also be powered by surplus energy from the solar panels on the roof.

David Wilson, Senior Project Manager at Kier Construction North & Scotland, said: “I’m incredibly proud of the work our site teams have put into this project and I’m looking forward to seeing the market and local area flourish once what they are introduced. Operation.”

The market will replace the two existing markets in the city centre, Kirkgate and Oastler, which will both close with the opening of Darley Street Market.

It will have three floors of stalls offering food and drink, a stage, indoor screens, a large outdoor screen and umbrellas for hosting events in the square.

While some councilors have criticized the cost of the scheme, David Shepherd, the venue’s director, said: “The money we are investing will be recouped through the income generated by the market.”

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