Merseyside PC admits illegal birthday party and drinking pint of beer on shift

A firearms officer who went to the pub while on duty claims he was “fit for duty” despite having a pint 20 minutes before his shift ended.

PC Daniel Johnson, 43, had lunch with his wife and allegedly drank wine at The Jug and Bottle pub in Heswall on April 30, 2021 – the same day he was due to serve a shift between 8am and 4pm as Firearms Duty Officer. . According to CCTV footage, he left the pub at around 1.20pm and returned with his friends at 3.25pm ​​and continued to drink alcohol.

At a misconduct hearing at Merseyside Police headquarters today, the officer said he had “a sip” of his wife’s wine during lunch and admitted drinking a pint of beer at around 3.40pm, 20 minutes before end of shift. However, he maintained that he was “fit for duty and available for any option”, adding that he had never been challenged as unfit in his entire 20-year career.

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He said it was “highly unlikely” he would have been called at 3.40pm and that if there had been a call it would have been attended by duty officers, with on-call officers serving as a second option. .

The firearms officer, who joined Cheshire Constabulary in 2003 before transferring to Merseyside in 2009, also denies stealing from his employer on no less than three occasions.

On 4 August 2021, he allegedly stole two rams from Smithdown Lane station because he “thought it would help to weigh down his parasol at home”. PC Johnson said he took the battered battering rams from a parking area known as “shock bins”, where officers frequently picked up old and decommissioned pieces of equipment for personal use.

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