The crazy boat will be removed from the Nottingham and Beeston Canal after almost two years

A dodgy boat is to be removed from the Nottingham and Beeston Canal after being abandoned for months. For more than a year a boat has been abandoned and is slowly sinking in the canal near Castle Boulevard.

Locals in the area have expressed concerns that people have boarded the boat, which is now covered in graffiti and rubbish. It is suspected that the youths boarded the boat.

Photos of the boat show that it is slowly sinking and has not been lived in or used for some time due to rotting wood, damaged interior furniture and other abandoned items such as a shoe, some materials and pieces of plastic.

The Canal and River Trust has confirmed that the boat will be removed and this is expected to happen in the week of Monday 13 May. A spokesman for the Canal and River Trust said: “It is very sad to see the boat in this condition. and we have been working for several months to obtain the legal power to remove it.

“Contractors will go this week to remove the boat, making the canal a more welcoming place for people and wildlife.”

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