The brother of the missing 23-year-old student, who has not been seen since leaving a party in Bristol 10 weeks ago, says he continues to visit the area where he was last seen.

The brother of a 23-year-old student who disappeared after leaving a party in Bristol 10 weeks ago says he continues to visit the area where he was last seen.

Jack O’Sullivan has not been seen since March 2, with the last confirmed CCTV sighting of him at 3.13am near a grassy area under Brunel Way.

Degree in law He last made contact with a friend shortly after 3:30 a.m., but officers said his phone remained active on the Find My Friends app until 6:44 a.m.

Ben O’Sullivan said he keeps returning to the area to try to find out where his younger brother might have gone.

“We know he went to a pub in town and then went with some friends to a party in Hotwells,” Ben, 27, told BBC Newsbeat.

Friends of Jack O’Sullivan, the 23-year-old who disappeared after leaving a party in Bristol almost two months ago, have launched a new search for the law graduate.

Jack O’Sullivan (right) pictured with his brother Ben (left) who said he is returning to the last places where his missing brother was seen

Ben described his disappearance as “very, very out of character” and called his brother “a very intelligent and loving individual”.

Jack lived at home with his parents, who realized he wasn’t home at 5am.

Catherine O’Sullivan’s mother previously recalled how she woke up just after 5am that morning and “instantly” knew “something was wrong”.

She and her husband Alan immediately went out to look for him in what would soon be the first of many days of “hell”.

Ms O’Sullivan told the Telegraph: “We live hour by hour. You can’t plan for the next day; we simply communicate with the police and wait.

Jack, who turned 23 on March 28, nearly a month after his disappearance, was described by his mother as athletic, determined and gentle.

Point 1: Jack O’Sullivan is seen crossing Legator Junction Bridge on the night he disappeared at 2.53am

Point 2: He was then seen on CCTV heading towards Brunel Lock Road at 2.57am

Point 3: About 13 minutes later, at 3.08am, he was seen walking past a car park off McAdam Way

Point 4: It was then seen at 3.13am near a grassy area below Brunel Way, which is an elevated road

Item 5: At 3.25am he was possibly seen on CCTV crossing Plimsoll Bridge
Item 6: Latest CCTV footage of what police believe is him walking on Bennett Way at 3.39am

She said: “He has put a huge effort into the next steps. He has already secured summer places, which are very hard to come by. But he entered 45 applications.

She added: “Jack is a really good guy. He is very gentle. He just wanted to make sure everyone else was okay.

He had gone to meet friends in Bristol for a regular Saturday night out, traveling on the 8.20pm bus from his village of Flax Bourton to a Wetherspoons pub in the city.

At 10:45 p.m., he texted his mom that they had moved to a house party and arrived safely at the new location. “All good, keys are safe,” he wrote.

And at 1.52am he sent her one last message, saying he was fine.

Then, shortly before 3am, Jack left the party alone, with CCTV capturing part of his journey across town.

He is seen crossing Jucator Junction Bridge at 2.53am, turning onto Brunel Lock Road at around 2.57am, passing a car park off McAdam Way at 3.08am, near a grassy area under the Brunel Way flyover at 3.13am, crossing Plimsol Bridge . 3:25 and was last seen walking on Bennett Way at 3:39.

Avon and Somerset Police said the last two sightings were “likely” to be Jack, with the last officially confirmed sighting of him on CCTV being at 3.13am.

A friend called who was still at the party at 3.24am. When the friend returned the call ten minutes later, Jack answered the phone and said “hello” but nothing else. The call lasted 58 seconds before being disconnected.

He had gone to meet friends in Bristol for a regular Saturday night out, traveling on the 8.20pm bus from his village of Flax Bourton to a Wetherspoons pub in the city.

Jack O’Sullivan’s parents Catherine and Alan O’Sullivan (pictured) have pleaded with the public to help find their son and asked anyone who may have come across his phone to come forward

Ms O’Sullivan said the friend left the party shortly afterwards and added: ‘She tried and tried to get hold of him but couldn’t. She texted him saying, “please tell me where you are, please tell me you’re okay” and “please tell me when you get home.”

His family began walking their last journey every day and at different times of the day just to try to experience what it might have been like for Jack and any clues as to what might have happened.

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One said he “wanted to see if it was dark” but found it was “incredibly well lit”.

Police recently said they were working on a hypothesis that he may have fallen into the river.

They also approached the family with a key that was found by authorities that they thought might have belonged to Jack, but it wasn’t his.

Jack is described as white, around five feet 10 inches tall, of slim build, with short brown hair.

He was last seen wearing a green/brown quilted Barbour jacket, a cream knit lambswool jumper, navy blue chinos and brown Ralph Lauren leather trainers with white soles and a chunky silver Hugo Boss watch.

Jack also had an Apple Air Tag in a brown leather case, a Peugeot 108 key fob, driving licence, black card holder and house key.

Since his disappearance, police divers have scoured the area around Cumberland Basin and the Avon Gorge, while police have repeatedly renewed their appeal for people who were driving, walking or bus passengers in the area at the time , to get in touch.

If you can help, please call 101 and give the operator the reference number 5224055172.

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