‘Stop selling booze’ plea after latest incident with drunken passengers at Bristol Airport

A flight to Malaga from Bristol Airport was delayed when drunken boys asked to use the toilet on take-off – and Bristol Live readers received calls to crack down on the troubled passengers. The take-off of the easyJet flight on May 11 was disrupted and seven passengers met with police and were removed.

Another passenger on the flight said that when the group collected their bags and the door closed, the remaining passengers all spontaneously cheered. EasyJet said they took the incident “very seriously” and that they “do not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior on board”.

Another passenger, Linda Sweeden, described the scene on board: “A steward asked him to sit down and started yelling, so loud it could be heard in the back: ‘If you don’t let me go to the toilet, I’m going to p*** all over the floor!’”

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“Then another got up and said he wanted to go too, then another, and very quickly about five or six were standing in the aisle, arguing with the stewards, who were telling them to sit down.”

Bristol Live readers want action from airlines and airports, like Christine Cassidy on our Facebook page: “It should be mandatory that this behavior warrants confiscation of passports for a minimum of 3 years and a hefty fine.”

Marion Hoskins writes: “They shouldn’t be selling alcohol in airports, simple! No bars, just cafes, just asking for trouble if alcohol is served before flights.” Victoria Battison agrees: “Why serve alcohol in airports if you don’t want drunk passengers?”

Richard Oggy Stanton considers a tougher solution: “Offenders’ names should be placed on an airline database for disruptive behaviour. When they then go to book a holiday or flight, they are either refused permission to do so or have to pay some sort of guarantee, say £1000, which covers any disruption they might could do in flight.

David Millard believes the problem should be solved before they ever get on the plane: “The job of the gate crew is to stop people like this boarding. What the hell were they doing? They are guilty here too. and then a bond or insurance policy to be purchased by the offenders.”

A Bristol Airport spokesman said: “Antisocial customer behavior is not tolerated by the airport or the airlines and may result in customers being refused travel. Although such incidents are rare, we take them very seriously and do not tolerate abusive behavior towards our airline, business partner and colleagues at the airport and we fully support any police investigation.

“We want all passengers flying to or from Bristol Airport to have an enjoyable start to their journey and we do not condone anti-social behavior by a minority spoiling the experience for other customers.”

What should be done with troubled passengers by airlines and airports? Comment below and join the conversation.

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