Will Ferrell, Russell Crowe and huge celebrities in Leeds property model after new investment

Leeds United have a second chance to return to the Premier League when they compete in the Championship play-offs this weekend and could be buoyed by a host of celebrities who have put their money into the club.

Actor Will Ferrell is understood to be one of the latest big names to acquire a minority stake in the club, perhaps taking inspiration from fellow Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s purchase of Wrexham. Ferrell will not be one of the decision makers at Elland Road, however, unlike Reynolds and McElhenney at Wrexham.

He’s not the only big-name star involved in the ownership of 49ers Enterprises since he took over in July. Some have chosen to make their investment public, while others may choose to keep it quiet.

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The Leeds ownership group is divided into two sections, the general partners are the investors who have the biggest say in the club’s future and have invested the most money. They involve Australian businessman Peter Lowy, club vice president Rudy Cline-Thomas and Jed York, who own 49ers Enterprises.

However, it is the second section that has the biggest names in terms of stars. As reported The Athletic there are thousands who have invested in the club but will have no say in the decisions made at a higher level.

Some of these celebrities include US Olympic swimming champions Michael Phelps, golfers Jordan Speith and Justin Thomas and basketball player Larry Nance Jr. Actor Russell Crowe has also revealed that he has invested, along with former US politician Jim Messina. Ferrell will fall into the same category as his fellow celebrities.

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