Zac Efron and his shredded abs went for a shirtless jog on the beach

Like a growing number of actors, Zac Efron isn’t afraid to physically transform for a movie. This may mean sporting a new look – he’s grown a mustache for the upcoming factual drama The Greatest Beer Run Ever, and who can forget that bizarre beard and beard combo from The Beach Bum? – but Efron is better known for sculpting his physique. while preparing for a role.

“It’s definitely fun because you can put everything on the line in terms of your work ethic and see how far you can push it,” the actor told People in 2019, likening his physical preparation for each role to a ” Olympic event” before. clarifying that he doesn’t think it’s a sustainable approach to fitness: “It’s a limited amount of time, but I wouldn’t consider it a healthy or normal way to live your day-to-day life.”

Perhaps the most shredded Efron has ever been was in 2017, when he transformed his body for the movie Baywatch, a process that involved 1,000 workouts and an extremely restrictive diet, and which he has since stated he probably wouldn’t do again never. “I realized when I was done with that movie, I don’t want to be in that good shape again,” he said in 2020. “It was so hard.”

However, while he no longer pushes himself to that extreme, he’s still in incredible shape, as evidenced by his countless thirst traps and workout posts on social media. run on the beach in Costa Rica, proving that the Baywatch energy is still very much there.

Photo credit: SCLA, SANCPhoto credit: SCLA, SANC

Photo credit: SCLA, SANC

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