Brent Duffey on his new documentary Chronicles the Food and Culture of Colombia

Brent Duffey has just finished filming a new documentary about Colombia, which aims to introduce the world to the nation’s culture and friendly people. The documentary “Mucho Gusto Colombia” examines the country’s cultural heritage and its variety of delicious foods, showing the world a side of Colombia that is often ignored by the popular media.

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“I want people to know that life in Colombia is much richer than the vices it offers. I have met so many loving people here,” said Brent Duffey.

Colombia remains one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries globally, with over 50 million inhabitants. The country also boasts a rich cultural heritage, reflecting the influences of early 16th-century Spanish culture and a variety of Amerindian civilizations, European settlement, African forced labor, and European immigration. Unfortunately, the world seems to know very little about the wonder of Colombia and how beautiful life is in the country, especially since the media seems obsessed with extinguishing the country’s vice and crime. However, Brent Duffey is looking to change that narrative with his new documentary. Post-production is scheduled to wrap in early June 2021.

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Brent Duffey highlighted Colombian culture, using his expertise and creativity behind the camera to detail unknown but interesting facts about the country. Brent also recently finished production on a short film that will be screened at many film festivals across the United States in the coming months. The film stars Jack Rain and Jennifer Field. Titled “Jim’s Gibberish,” the dark comedy was directed, co-written and produced by Brent Duffey.

As an actor, Brent Duffey is known for his roles in Hickok, Betrayed and The Final Wish. He is managed by Henry Penzi, who also represents Rob Gronkowski, Richard Sherman, Stipe Miocic and Bob Menery, to name a few.

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