PCOS symptoms as Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse shares her experience battling the hit series

Actress Sasha Pieterse, best known for her role as Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars, has shared her experience dealing with PCOS. The actress said she was confused about her health problems and also gained five stone in a year.

Appearing on the Pretty Little Liars: True Crime podcast alongside former co-stars Lindsey Shaw and Tammin Sursok, who played Paige McCullers and Jenna Marshall, respectively, the actress confessed that she visited 17 gynecologists and an endocrinologist before receiving a official diagnosis.

She said: “The hard part was not knowing what was going on. Because if I knew, “well, well, this is because PCOS, I’m gaining weight, I’m fluctuating.”

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“I gained 75 pounds in one year and had no idea why. And I’m on a TV show, aren’t I? And I play the “it’ girl” character.

She said if she had known what she was going through, she would have been open about it and raised awareness of other young women going through the same thing. Sasha claimed that some people thought she had gained weight due to pregnancy.

She said: “I would say that for the most part, people have been fine on set. I didn’t go crazy, no one came up to me and said “you need to lose weight”, but I felt it in other ways. I felt it in the writing.

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