Liverpool’s Lost Baths, where you could see real dolphins

A lost Liverpool swimming pool loved by generations in the city was also a place where you could once see real dolphins.

In April 1936, the William Roberts Baths – better known as the Broadway Baths – were officially opened in Norris Green. The site came just months before its identical Harold Davies Baths opened in Dovecot.

Both baths are noted for having plunge pools and three pools, with a tiled walkway separating the large adult pools from the two smaller swimming areas, the ECHO previously reported. For decades, many children have headed there to learn to swim or spend weekends with their friends.

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It’s been over 30 years since William Roberts Baths closed in 1993 due to structural issues. Left behind is the boxing and weight room available for use at the facility.

But despite a campaign in which a petition attracted 10,000 signatures to save the baths, the baths remained closed. The building was demolished a few years later.

In Harold Davies Baths in Dovecot. Circa 1959(Image: Liverpool Central Library and Archives)

Over the years, many happy memories have been made on the site. But if you grew up in the 1970s, you may remember that bathrooms had an interesting appeal.

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