Support abounds for the “honest and decent” stranger who saved man’s day

Support came for an honest man who found the rightful owner of the cash he found on the street.

The envelope, which contained £3,000, was dropped by a man shortly after leaving a NatWest branch on the Wirral at around 2.15pm on Friday 3 May. Posting on the local Crimewatch Wirral Facebook page, the man said he was “absolutely gutted” when he realized he had lost the money, which he had withdrawn to pay for a new car.

Luckily for him, he was approached by a young man who asked him if he had lost anything, before pulling the brown envelope out of his coat.

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Commenters on the ECHO website were quick to praise the helpful stranger, who refused the man’s offer of a £200 reward for his help and asked him to donate it to charity.

Whitey81 wrote: “Well done strangers! Not many people would have done that. I’m so happy the man got his money back especially with his bad health issues no one knows what health issues someone has not even us. What other people go through because people are good at hiding their problems and feelings while they’re out, it turned out well in the end!”

Tgreen wrote: “This really made my day. It reminds you that there are good honest people out there, especially when all you read are disturbing stories about the horrible things people can do to each other. Well done to this young man, I bet your family is so proud of you.”

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