Boy, 9, rescued from river in Ealing by police officers

A child was rescued from the River Brent last month by police officers after he was seen in distress near Studland Road, Ealing.

The incident happened when Police Sergeant Yusuf Hasseniyeh, PCSO James Tupman and PC Lee Dahir were alerted by a member of the public to a child stuck in waist-deep water.

Officers immediately responded to the call, with Sergeant Hasseniyeh entering the water first to help the unresponsive child. “When the call went through, there was no hesitation. We knew every second counted,” said Sergeant Hasseniyeh.

The nine-year-old boy was successfully rescued and reunited with his family, suffering no ill effects from the ordeal.

The quick response and decisive actions of the officers were essential in ensuring the child’s safety.

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